I sold my little sister

Girl with the dog

I sold my little sister,
When I was seven and she a wailing two
She kept us up with cries all night,
Her tangled hair and clumsy walk,
Her yellow dress, and squeaky shoes.

My mother made me watch over her,
I rather go out and play,
So one day at the neighbor’s farm,
I sold my burden for a puppy white as day,

But by evening my morning cheer was gone,
My little puppy too heavy to carry, too little to play,
Tiny hands curled into sweaty fists,
As I wondered, “What would they do, what would they say?”

Was it too late to change my mind?
“But a sale is a sale, no returns”
Chided the neighbor with the toothy smile”,
With head sunk down into my toes,
I walked the puppy back to home.

With teary eyes I rang the doorbell,
And looked into my Mother’s frowned forehead,
She greeted me with gushing kisses and warm embrace,
“Where have you been all day, my child?”

At the hearth a fire kindled,
And my little sister played beside,
Giggles and laughter floated the room,
and a tiny tear escaped my eyes,

Decades have passed since that day,
Now Tatjana has kids older than two,
But I can’t stop thanking the kind neighbor,
Who stopped by to return my sister soon after I made the sale.

And many more decades shall pass,
Before I forget the day when I almost sold my sister,
I was seven and she a wailing two.


59 thoughts on “I sold my little sister

  1. What a great story! Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ Made me remember the years and years that I had to watch my three younger siblings every time I left the door. I never sold any of them.. but if I thought of it, I probably would have tried!

    1. Hello Easter Ellen, thank you for stopping by. I must clarify this is not an autobiographical poem. I feel it would be normal for children to feel this way, especially seeing the love of their parents shared with a new sibling…

  2. Neha … is this true ? If it is, it’s a 50|50 delight|misery, and it it’s simply fiction, it’s 100% delight ! πŸ™‚

        1. Thank you M-R. I had meant for it to be a non-rhyming poem, because I always write rhyming poems. Hope the poetry element is not lost?

          1. Not lost entirely; but it does take a back seat … I don’t think you should be upset by that, because the overall effect is quite delightful. πŸ™‚

  3. A beautiful story beautifully told! I never sold my sister but should have, though I doubt I could have gotten anything as good as a puppy for her. Maybe a pair of rusted old roller skates. Without a key!

  4. I had two sisters I could’ve sold. But I never thought of it. Puppies, skates without a key, heck! I’da settled for used chewing gum. Now that they are old like me… well, they are still for sale, and in used condition… but I would charge a lot more for them if you offer.

  5. so she got a puppy for free…and the mother’s response was priceless- no chiding nor reprimand, just love and care. reminds me of the love of God- unconditional and He is always waiting for us to come back home.

  6. Love this one. It reminds me a little of a poem I used to read as a child called “I sold my bratty brother” by Dennis Lee although yours much more heartfelt while his is going for the laughs. Still, you’ve inspired me to dig out the book and give it a looksie after all these years πŸ˜‰

    1. Thank you dear L.M. That’s great to know, I never knew about such a book. I will look up on Dennis Lee and thanks for visiting UBeCute.

  7. Very enjoyable. Giggles, as someone with 10 siblings I can totally relate to your wonderful prose.

  8. That was beautifully sad, and sorry but I was smiling to myself. You donΒ΄t know, at my age 31, how many times IΒ΄ve dreamed of either throwing my niece under a buss or now that you mention it better to sell her and get out of poverty, because after she reached asking for the 100th time some odd questions, itΒ΄s like torture, a skilled interrogator the little monster.

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