Are Toilet scenes trending up?

I love movies. But I rarely sit and watch an entire movie in one sitting (never enough time). I often switch the Television on while working in the kitchen or having dinner. Yes, I know it is a bad idea to watch TV while having dinner. But I do it anyways!

So here is my problem. It is really annoying to cozy up to your Television while enjoying a bite only to be thrown into somebody’s bathroom ritual with the camera zooming in on the Toilet!!! I simply don’t get the fascination of modern movies with toilets!

Is it my imagination or are there a lot more Toilet scenes in the movies these days? Most of the time the Toilet scene adds nothing to the story line. I get the Director’s are trying to build a real-life image…or go for the big laughs, but is another boring Toilet scene the only way? Have you considered creating a more ingenious story line and dialog?

Surely, Hollywood can come up with a few other creative ways to keep audiences engaged. And what with all the reality TV shows where are we going to end if this Toilet fascination continues?

Believe me, I am all in favor of healthy bathroom habits, but I think it’s a private deal. So here is a humble plea to the Director’s and the Censorship Boards of the World.

Cut out the Toilet scenes, PLEASE!!!

19 thoughts on “Are Toilet scenes trending up?

    1. Honestly there was one I bumped into just yesterday which I don’t remember the name of as I flipped my channel promptly. But honestly there are so many of them and most of them scenes rarely add to the story line!

  1. Haha not just movies but even soapies and shows have been doing this! I was quite taken aback to see Gordon Ramsey’s behind on my telly recently!!

  2. Definitely agree with you. They used to make movies without the ‘bathroom’ scenes… and so why not now. Let them go in and let them go out but don’t show more than that! Diane

  3. On January 1, 2015, I decided to watch at least one movie each day and I’m keeping to that. Most of the movies I have watched so far this year are from 2014 but I haven’t noticed any preponderance of toilet scenes.

    I am like you in that I tend to multitask while watching movies.

  4. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
    Here’s a thought… why are there so many toilet scenes in dramas today.. not just Hollywood films and television dramas but in the UK scene too. Like Neha Jain I find that when I am watching television whilst eating dinner (yes we eat off trays in the evening) I don’t need to see someone on the loo doing something several billion of us do every day.. The only time they might mention it is when they have been a hostage for 24 hours in the trunk of a car and get out looking pristine!! lazy script writing.. and don’t get me started on graphic sex scenes…innuendo is much more interesting and leave the rest to my imagination.. that still works even at my advanced age.. see Neha you have caused a rant!! Good job..

  5. This post makes me chuckle – never considered it happening? Maybe I watch too many OLD movies, don’t know. I’ll keep an eye out 😉 I don’t usually mind the toilet scenes, haven’t much in my head that were worth remembering, besides maybe two: when Amélie sits in the toilet reading letters and has candles lit all around her – that’s worth remembering and try to light candles in your bathroom as well 😉 And another scene in “Keinohrhasen” – where the lady spent the night at this guy’s loft place and really needs to pee in the morning and can’t find the bathroom and when she finally does, she can’t close the door… it is a memorable scene 😀

  6. Bravo! Enough with the toilet scenes already. Television has progressed from exposing one room of the house to another and done it quite badly. It might just be a Freudian thing: A roll of toilet paper at times is just a roll of toilet paper.

    I think this over emphasis on the washroom setting is about as cliche as the canned laugh track. It had its day so now let’s move on. Did you ever notice that when one producer uses the scene successfully the other lemmings try to milk that situation to the nth degree?

    Let’s flush this bathroom reverie down the bowl where it belongs and move on to other more important human functions like caring, sharing and bewaring! 🙂

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