Not working out…

Its over

Not working out!

Another day, another month, a new year; its all the same,
Washing away wasted years, nothing but daily humdrum to blame,
Empty promises, false hypothesis, umpteen losses,
I have seen it all. In war and love, nobody wins; what a shame!

Wedding rings, breakfast at Tiffany’s, ended with a sticky note,
No calls nor apologies, a human voice no matter how remote,
Just a sticky note; “Not working out” that’s all you wrote?
Shaking hands, teary eyes, painful lump in my throat.

Wasted time, lost possibilities; all washed away with dirt and slime,
Between these gnarled socks and jeans, washed away are my dreams,
Your beautiful face and your long tresses; memories that hurt like a crime,
And above it all, you ended with a note, no apologies no matter how sublime;

Just a sticky note,”Not working out”!

Inspired by Daily Prompt: Tainted Love

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I am an IT (Information Technology) professional with diverse range of interests. Writing and poetry is my passion as is the pursuit for happiness and continuous self improvement...

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