Why is it…?

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Why have we studied the cosmic skies for Ages?
Yet we know so little?
Why do we try to clone man and play God?
Yet we have no cure for common cold?
Why is that we worry about Extra Terrestrials?
Yet we don’t know our next door neighbor?
Why is that the universe is constantly expanding?
Yet our hearts fail to follow?
Why is it that science claims to have all answers?
Yet it has none for how man was made?
Why is it that we study the seasons, the weather and tides?
Yet we cannot control our own mind?
Why is it that each year we think we grow wiser?
Yet life raises more questions than it answers?
Why is that we question, wonder and expostulate?
When all we have is bunch of curious questions without answers.

14 thoughts on “Why is it…?

  1. Gosh, Neha – a list of totally unanswerable questions ! All of ’em pondered over for an awful long time, but no-one able to come up wit satisfactory answers. Goodonyermate !

      1. No need to be. I just wish I could’ve come back with a snappy reply of some kind. But you touch on all the imponderables at once ! πŸ™‚

        1. Awww you are too sweet M-R. On a serious side, we humans are so cocky about our achievements, yet when we compare “what we know” to the grand scheme of affairs, we know so little. Who are we to compete with God when we don’t even know our own origin?

          1. I shall have to disappoint you by saying that I don’t believe in any God. I still try to be a decent human being though …

  2. I understand and respect that, and am not disappointed in the least. We all have a right to believe and find our own truth. To me God is not a person, place or thing either. To be honest I am still searching the meaning of God, but I believe if there is a force called God, it resides in all of us equally as also the animals and plants around us. As we are all a part of the creation. πŸ™‚

  3. I am of a curious nature, can’t help it, and yes, I have way more questions than answers. I love watching documentary programs about life, the universe, spiritual things… it’s good exercise for my mind. πŸ˜‰ Loved your post!

    1. Thank you dear Swoosieque, I am glad you liked it. The name of your blog kinda rhymes with pique as in piqued interest or curiosity in something. Very appropriate!

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