Memories whether sad or happy, always cherish the past. They offer an invaluable landscapic view to our own life and teach us the meaning of our joys and suffering passed. Here is a poem celebrating these memories. Inspired by Daily Post.

Cascading Waterfall


Resplendent moments frozen in time,
happy, sweet, or sour, always fleeting; these memories so sublime,
Green poppy fields, endless waterfalls, ringing chimes,
yes you lived a great life, now you mull, these reveries so divine.

Caressing, cajoling, coddling your heart like a mother’s hand,
soft footed, bushels of musings creep into your heart, playing magic like a sorcerer’s wand,
allusive thoughts remind you of a marching procession in a king’s meadowland,
one follows the other in perfect harmony, yet unchecked, unhindered and unobstructed like grains of sand.

These tidal waves of thoughts, drench your psyche and soul,
life lived, moments savored, these memories now your keep and paramour,
Sowing the tears of your heart, or tearing it apart, teaching you a lesson? What purpose, what goal?
Memories offer a panoramic view to life, a celebration of past, a toast to your life; a profound Skoal.

Fields of Green

Please note:  © All original work on this blog including this poem (unless explicitly stated) is Copyrighted by UbeCute 2014.

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