Monuments or Monumental?

Here are some monuments of Hampi India. I am clearly infatuated with the stoic ancient splendor of Hampi. The architecture and the level of details is par excellence. These monuments are a heritage not just for India but the World and in that regard they are Monumental. The last picture is a random shot of a local market outside one of these temples which I could not resist sharing because of its vibrant colors which I think is quintessentially India. Enjoy!

Hampi Temple South Indian Temple Deity South Indian Temple Local Market

Weekly Photo Challenge

11 thoughts on “Monuments or Monumental?

  1. WONDERFUL monument, Neha ! – I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before. It’s absolutely mindblowing ! And as for the market: I love the way they’re all smiling at you – very sweet ! 😀

  2. The pictures tells you of the great past of India, which is ofcourse neglected by the modern society.

  3. Superb images 🙂 I have been living in Bangalore for last 10 years and visited so many places around, but I still couldn’t make it to Hampi.

    Your images reminds me and prompts me to plan a Hampi trip as early as possible 🙂

    Thanks a lot for sharing.

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