Short lives of Wives

Henry VIII wives

The illusionist packs two tricks,
Carefully placing the ‘i’ before ‘e’, except after ‘c’,
Countless rhymes estranged from its poem,
Encoding a simple meaning into warped confusion.

Crafting a wide angle shot of a marble temple,
Where the fates of the six wives of Henry VIII,
Turned into ornate statues,
Stand on guard outside the grand palace.

The insolence of the high power blades of time,
that make and break human spirit at a cellular level,
Pay a callous homage to these brilliant shadows,
Nicknamed by history; divorced, beheaded, died, divorced,
beheaded, survived.

5 thoughts on “Short lives of Wives

  1. It is sad to know how things ended for these women. Even in today’s world, so many women still suffer and I hope one day soon, it will stop and all women will feel love, joy and appreciation.

    1. Dear Island Traveler, thank you for your kind thoughts and could not agree with you more. A world that sees women merely as an appendage to men, will eventually die itself. Societies that flourish and do well are the ones that meet equal importance to both men and women 🙂

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