Weekly Photo Challenge: In Between


‘In Between’ …
Is the difference between the ‘living’ and the truly ‘alive’,
It’s the boundless expanse of human emotions stretching between the two ears,
It’s the time spent sowing a seed to the reaping of corn coyly veiled in silken hair,
It’s the seconds passed between a glance to the sudden recollection of days gone by like an old love song,
It’s the fortitude in waiting for the downpour of rain nuzzling the sharp bark of an angry summer,
It’s the victorious heartbeats hoisting a white flag after a long battle in purple skies,
It’s the black & white words on a love letter and the long sigh that escapes a pair of Fuchsia lips,
It’s children screaming and dancing wildly celebrating the end of school after a grueling semester,
It’s the distant view of the marines on the flickering TV screen aiming their guns ready for battle,
to the newspapers celebrating their safe return home.
It’s the loud argument two people have punctuated by their silent agreement to part,
It’s the orange ball of sun leaking its color on the Red Rock country in Sedona,
to half a dozen American Haiku’s penned in memory,
It’s the lessons learned from a thousand mistakes highlighted and circled in mind,
It’s the angle of the arc drawn by a pendulum as it ticks from left to right and the tiny world it orbits within that arc. ‘In Between’ is the space above an open palm that holds everything and nothing.

Inspired by Weekly Photo Challenge: Containers

Picture of woman holding the sun courtesy of

19 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: In Between

  1. Beautiful poem of in betweens. I thought this line was most poignant: “Its the distant view of the marines on the flickering TV screen aiming their guns ready for battle,
    to the newspapers celebrating their safe return home.”

    1. Ha ha …can you believe it? That short distance between the two ears actually encapsulates ALL the human emotions….the entire sleuth of them! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Such a beautiful poem. Really captures the between-ness of the little things in life. Between all human emotions. That sounds like an endless space since there are so many levels of human emotion. Angry, happy, sad, very angry… The in-between is always all around us 🙂

          1. Is helping me on my own writing, plus I get ideas from all types of different blogs. And a little secret between you and me, I write down in my little notebook certain things that I think I might find useful for my own writings. Sort off like petty theft 😉

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