Photo challenge: Endurance

Some of these pictures are from Hampi a village in Northern Karnataka – India, said to have been built around AD 1336-1570. As you can see the craftsmanship on these artifacts is intricate and unique and has stood the wrath of time warranting to be called signature specimens of the timelessness of art.

23 thoughts on “Photo challenge: Endurance

          1. I agree! Isn’t it… We have limited time in day/month/year, limited funds… I guess if one really wants to travel and explore it is just a point of making it a reality. I know I am going to see a lot of places but don’t feel the need for it to happen right now, many reasons included. But then, if you’re in India, you can’t be at home, enjoying time with your friends… It is really about being satisfied with where we are at this moment. So easy to say, hehe 🙂

    1. Yes there is much to be said about the “how’s” of their fine artistry. But that the artistry is superb, to that there is no doubt. I only hope we do not lose such pieces of work due to neglect and lack of care. They are our legacy. Thanks for your comment.

  1. These are beautiful! I am often reminded how there are so many interesting places in this world…1 lifetime is not enough it experience even a fraction of it. Thankfully, I can get a glimpse of different worlds – and hopefully share mine – through photography.

    Thank you also for following my site. I’m following yours too with pleasure!
    Best wishes from Japan,
    Takami 🙂

    1. Thank you for your kind words. Yes indeed, it is a testament to the thousands of nameless people who shared their vision, artistry and toil to make this happen.

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