Avante Garde – Abbott Kinney

Abbott Kinney (situated between Santa Monica and Marina Del Rey) is famous for its Avante garde style, and it’s cool, hip vibe. Named after the famous developer who built the Venice Canals in 1905, the main strip boasts of some of the finest restaurants, artsy shops, wine galleries and fun to meet local artists. There is enough here to satisfy a tourist or a local for hours and a definite stop-over if you are visiting Los Angeles. Here are some pictures, Enjoy!

Beautiful Artwork
Meet “Von Paul” a local artist
She creates and collects wood work
Etched in stone
Public Parking

Abbott_5 Abbott_StreetArt6 AbbottKinney3 AbottKinney3 AbottKinney4

I love Street Art
A Chopper Motorcycle parked at the curb
Best Coffee at GJelina

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