Year’s end


Red Doors are closing in on

parched leaves, studding the sidewalks.

We have crossed out yet another season

on our kitty calendar and dressed the meager

backyard in ghoulish rags.

The procession of witches and ghouls

too shall pass and not much else will happen.

Some birds will be washed down with wine and

“thank you’s” and then forgotten.

Gifts shall be found and unwrapped under plastic trees

while a tired old man escapes a make-belief chimney!

We shall cast aside our hopes

and wait with abated breath for next year with

butterflies in our eyes. Nothing much ever happens.

10 thoughts on “Year’s end

  1. I like how you’re exploring poetry (I too, enjoyed considering a wide range of poetry during the ten days of Writing 201).

    I wish the course encouraged more critiquing. It’s an art in itself. Maybe a future course will teach it! Meanwhile, it’s something we all do with our own work as we read and revise). I like the idea of having a critiquing “club” for poets, but unfortunately, I know I wouldn’t keep up with it!

    Oh well . . . WordPress gives writers space to post explorations of thought, word and image (and responses/comments).

    In your poem “Year’s End” I especially like how visual your opening lines are . . . and later, I particularly like two phrases “abated breath” and “with
    butterflies in our eyes” which could be a very satisfying ending to the poem!

    I’ve enjoyed your writing and wish you well!

    1. Marso – Thank you for your kind feedback. Yes the Writing 201 was really far more than I had hoped for. And I would love to start a critiquing club with a select member of poets while keeping gates open for open minded new poets to join (open minded because it is not easy to accept constructive criticism on one’s poem). Yes, consistency is hard but it is worthwhile. As I get older I realize there are less and less things I truly care for and the one’s I do, I am passionate about! Thanks for stopping by. Regards!

  2. So cynical. I love the visuals. There are just too many to mention, but “…some birds will be washed down with wine…” is one. Love your writing!

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