Writing 101: Why I write?

I write to make sense of all my jumbled thoughts. I write to make sense of myself. To become a better version of myself. Whenever I am feeling embittered and jaded about life, I know I need to go back to my table and just write. I also write to leave a little of myself behind. Yes, in that respect writing is a very narcissistic desire for me.

But is it not the same reason why the rest of you great people architect skyscrapers, build bridges, write songs, concoct your own perfect curries or raise beautiful children? I have done none of that and therefore I write. I am both narcissistic and insanely hopeful that when I am long gone, someone on the World Wide Web would still care to read my words and feel connected to me. That’s why I write!

9 thoughts on “Writing 101: Why I write?

  1. I also write to leave a little of myself behind.

    I loved this line.

    I understand why you’d say this is narcissistic, though I read it in a very different way: sometimes I write to leave a little of myself behind, too, but I interpret it more like letting go (of a part of myself, of certain thoughts, of hopes, of obsessions, whatever).

    Thanks for joining this course!

    1. Thank you, for sharing your interpretation. And I totally agree that happens too…and a lot! Sometimes I get obsessed with a thought, experience, or simply a piece of information I read, and I cannot put it to rest unless I put it to pen. Your interpretation is well noted, with thanks. It’s a great pleasure being on this course, thank you for taking the time to run it and for stopping by to respond!

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  3. I write for the mental exercise and to share simple life memories with others. they seem to like them. now, my mind is occupied with new topics.

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