The “Write” Nook

“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.”
― Ernest Hemingway


When it comes to writing there is no better place to start than in your own mind. Yet, I have read so many articles on accomplished writers sharing their personal stories on what gets their creative juices flowing and almost all of them recommend having a designated area to write; a shrine, a sacred place. They recommend using it strictly for creative writing and not desecrating it for any non creative activities.

As for me, I haven’t even spelled “a” of accomplished. I neither have a sacred “write” place nor a sacred ritual that will get the juices flowing. I wish creativity were as simple as opening a faucet! But it is not. Instead It is hours and hours of practice, writing and rewriting. It is opening your soul to the world fully knowing that it can be ridiculed, shredded apart or worse still overlooked!

So what is my favorite writing nook? I tend to write anywhere; tucked in bed watching Television (yes, that is very distracting), at the dining table (also distracting), or just making mental notes (yes, I have lost a lot of potential ideas by virtue of relying totally on memory). Unfortunately, I don’t own a private study, and have no designated nook of my own where I commence writing.

But if I had the luxury of having my own study I know exactly what it would look like. It would have a sign on the door reading, “Enter at your own risk, ye who dares to enter”. My study would have a large ivory colored table with drawers and filing cabinets. I would use the cabinets to save my unfinished drafts, cut outs, and newspaper clippings. The walls would be covered with photographs of beautiful places and life caught on lens. It would also have a couch that I can lounge on when I am tired of sitting at my desk. There would be a slight disarray to my ideal study as I feel too much organization is the enemy of creativity. Alas for now, my “write” nook consists of the space between myself and my laptop!

Fortunately enough writing is engrossing enough for me that I can easily shut off the world and can write comfortably anywhere! As a child I used to paint a lot. I would get so engrossed in my work that I would paint nonstop for hours without remembering to eat or drink. Although I have severe ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), when it comes to writing my ADD evaporates like a puff of black smoke.

Most writers find that waking up in the morning to write is especially valuable. While that makes sense (since your mind is at its peak performance in the morning) it somehow never worked for me. I usually write at night after preparing dinner and cleaning up. My biggest writing foe is also my biggest weakness: the idiot box. Whenever I have the courage to shut the TV out of my evenings, I can save time to write.

I know I have written a nice piece when I get goosebumps reading it out aloud. My “write nook” or a lack thereof is probably markedly different from yours (I hope for your sake!). So what’s your favorite space and ritual to write? Do you have a preferred time of the day when you like to put pen to paper? Do you have any other writing nuances? Give me the skinny on your “write nook” and “write stuff”.

12 thoughts on “The “Write” Nook

  1. I would not likely be able to write with a specific office and desk. Actually, like you I write where I sit with laptop, but my most productive time is at night… when we finally turn off the television; usually after 10 pm or so. If I try to think about what to write, I usually come up blank…. it just has to come to mind.. Diane

    1. Aah you wait for inspiration to knock. I am like that too. Although being slave to inspiration I go through period of extreme creativity to absolutely nothing. Wish I could cut a more even kneel. Maybe something to work for next year. Thanks for your comment.

  2. I am relieved to hear that I’m not the only one that doesn’t fit the writers’ mould. I don’t have a special space – it’s at the kitchen counter, in the lounge, in bed and sometimes in the caravan or outside of it when we’re travelling. Time of day? Whenever there’s a gap that I can grab!

  3. Wonderful essay and I feel better about my habits now. Believe it not, I write my essays on my iPhone, then transfer them to my blog sight. Like you, I write in the evening, mostly, after putting away the dishes, wife has gone to bed an the dog staring at me. As for the creative juices, they come and go so my creativity does the same. You do a great job, wherever you write.

    1. Thank you for sharing that my friend. So happy to hear I am not alone. Writing on an iPhone…that’s a great idea. I should try that to capture some random thoughts. I usually tell myself I will go home and write them down but then never do and forget! Writing or recording on the iPhone would be perfect!

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