Seasons: A White Wedding

When Winter covers every nook and cranny in white it looks like Mother Nature herself has dressed to become a bride; what a sight to behold! These pictures were taken by a friend and bring to mind a grandiose White wedding thrown for a Snow queen or maybe Snow White? Who says fairy tales are for little girls?

Pictures courtesy Viraj Thakur

Chandelier view of White Woods – Viraj Thakur



Inspired by Photo Challenge


16 thoughts on “Seasons: A White Wedding

  1. So nice, so serene, so angelic…so sick of it. Yes, when you live with it for 4 months , it starts to wear on you and you write crazy blogs about it (me, not you). I understand a brief love affair but a long drawn out courtship us too much of a good thing. 😉

    1. Yes, yes I fully agree. It is definitely not much fun shoveling the car out of the snow while blowing on your fingers at the same time to prevent frostbite from eating your digits. Believe me I understand I have lived in New Hampshire.

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