22 thoughts on “Here and Now: Cherishing the birth of my baby girl

  1. First of all, congratulations to you and your husband on your new baby. And welcome on earth to this little girl. There is no recipe to being pregnant and delivering a baby, even though tips from books and moreover other women who went through can help. I was totally lost for my first baby and almost got a C-section, too. But it was in France and physicians there (at least at that time) were more reluctant than American OBs to go through surgery. Retrospectively, it would have spared me hours of pain. The good news is that it was much much easier for my second child and her two siblings.
    As for instant love for her child, isn’t it amazing? Like you, I totally melted when I felt their little bodies against mine. I had the feeling to already know them.
    The hardest are the nights, that’s true. It gets better as the baby grows. My first one slept right at three months old, the night before I returned to work. Phew! My three other kids were a little faster. Until your little girl sleeps through the night, try to rest when she naps. I didn’t always do that, wanting to catch up with household chores. That’s stupid. Sleep first!
    And as you say, parents learn day after day. Confidence builds and things get easier.
    These are very special weeks you are living now. Hard but beautiful.
    I’m so happy for you.

    1. Thank you so much Evelyn, for your kind words and for staying in touch. You are right about catching sleep over chores…but so hard to do especially when there is so much riding on you. But I will remember your advice 🙂

      1. Please, do remember my advice. 💐
        But moreover trust your own instinct. Parents know what’s best for their new life when a baby arrives. Too many people giving advice and opinion can be overwhelming. In the end it’s you, the daddy and the baby.
        Still, sleep is important. 😊

  2. This is such a cute blog and I loved reading it. Congrats on your first baby! Just by reading, I felt the true feelings of a mother. I’ve never experienced someone giving birth or myself for that matter (19 years old hahha) but it’s a roller-coaster and you know that giving birth will not be the end of the ride. ❤ hope you and your baby stay healthy and strong!

  3. Ok, so you said something about “taking the easy way out” in reference to your c-section. As someone who went the whole “natural” route and my babies just popped out, I would just like to say there really isn’t an easy way out option. Parenting is hard and full of lots of decisions as you have already discovered. Also, lots of second guessing. Even though I’ve never had a c-section, now that I’ve been through the birthing process, I know that it isn’t an easy way out.
    Congrats on your new baby girl!

  4. Congratulations! I have to admit that I was a little disappointed when I had to have a csecton, I felt like I was missing out on something. But I was completely awake and pain free. And yes, that first moment, when you hear their first cry and you exhale a sigh of relief – unforgettable! Hoping you have a speedy recovery and a strong and healthy baby girl!

    1. Oh YEA! Congratulations to you also. To be sure she already brings me so much joy. But yes it would be nice to get back some zzzzzz’s 🙂
      Thank you for stopping by.

  5. Congrats Neha on becoming a mother, enjoy the moments, they are the best. Motherhood is the best gift we receive, the labor pain introduces us to that self or part of us who was unknown until then, 🙂 .
    As you take care of the baby, see that you do not neglect yourself at all, self care and rest is important as you had a C section.
    Best wishes always. ashu

  6. Congratulations Neha to you and your hubby. God bless the girl and lots of good wishes to her. Take care of yourself and the baby and enjoy this moment.

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