All-time favorites

It has been a while since I was active on wordpress, just as it has been a while since I wrote a poem, or spared a moment doing the soulful things that make me happy. It is amazing to think I have now been on wordpress for over four years! And look how time has flown by…much as it always does. It makes you realize the importance of preserving special moments with photographs and reliving those moments again…even if slightly altered in your memory.

Here is a collection of some of my favorite pictures over the past four years. Don’t tell me you cannot find a couple nice treasures here, even if I am no photographer! Enjoy!

I love pictures of everyday simple things. Beauty lies in things we tend to overlook so easily…and we are the losers for it. I love the spindly canopy of this coconut tree and the sky peering from its foliage.


I love the icy perfection of winter captured in this photo taken by a friend Viraj Thakur.


Isn’t this picture of Walden ponds in Massachusetts, simply beautiful? I mean just look at the vibrant colors. I can’t help but feel a kinship to Henry David Thoreau by being able to enjoy what he grew to love and enjoy so much. I am not comparing myself to Thoreau that would be tall order…just saying that I feel blessed enjoying the same sights he probably once did!


My husband and I had stopped by a random coffee shop one morning on our long walks. We were young, happy and carefree and the picture reminds me of those days.


And how can you live in Los Angeles and not have a few favorite pictures of the beach?


I know people find graffiti ugly and disfiguring, but I actually dig it. I see it as just another form of art. Take these beautiful photos for instance. What’s not to like?


Aah beautiful Sedona. Nothing screams peace, perfection and grandeur like Sedona! I wish I could live here.

Arizona 2014 117Arizona 2014 160

So that’s it folks. Feel free to pingback with your favorite photos or articles. I am dying to see what you got!

11 thoughts on “All-time favorites

  1. The graffiti art really is beautiful. Haven’t blogged in a while as well.. Lol 😂.
    Thinking of how to get back in to the groove?

    1. Dear someone, same here. It is definitely hard getting back in the groove but lets endeavor to give each other the support and perhaps we both shall be successful?

  2. Hey, it’s nice to see you again. I still remember our early encounter when we were both starting to blog. Hope you and your family are doing as well as these gorgeous pics.

    1. Dear Evelyn, thank you for stopping by and leaving a word. So sweet of you to remember. Yes it has been a while a now and I have been inactive for a long while and still am . We are doing well, my baby is now a two year old toddler. YEA!! Time flies. Hope you are doing great as always and have published many more books? Cheers.

  3. where you get all this stuffs .i mean its really amazing to see your blog . well im new on blogger and still trying to figure out how actually it works im bit good in blogging just because checking out people like on wordpress makes me more knowledgeable about the things i’d never been through . and i just checked all your post and thats so impressive !!

    1. Thanks Sameer. It takes time to build a good website like it does anything worthwhile. Blogging is a very satisfying hobby once you get in it. I do it for the mere joy of meeting like-minded people. It’s like an e-hello or an e-love you and then moving on. Do it for the mere joy of writing or sharing your thoughts and you will find it rewarding also 🙂

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