No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.



All is procession; the universe is a procession with measured and beautiful motion.

-Walt Whitman


Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet.

-Thich Nhat Hanh


Inspired by Cheri’s Photo Challenge: Path




It’s way past midnight,
All decent men safe in their homes,
The hour is rife for drunken brawls and fistfights,
In the alleyways only trouble and evil roam.

I walk the cobbled roads, tired but conceited,
No goal in mind; lost and sleepless,
My brazen knife in my breast pocket, still unsheathed,
I wander the dark, alone and heedless.

When my startled ears, pick a voice so sweet,
More alluring than a nightingale song,
My legs comply, while my brain warns of wile deceit,
Is this a calypso, or a hapless maiden lovelorn?

The ghetto streets I walk, tunnel magically into a Babylonian garden,
She turns around more beautiful than life, this ethereal maiden,
And gently lets her black hair down, off fly a thousand raven,
Carved with perfection, looking at her is divine, it’s salvation!

Who are you? What magic, what witchery? Pray tell me?
She opens her mouth to speak, I am entranced,
Her lips are blossoms, and her eyes a shimmering blue sea,
“I am sun, moon and stars.” And around her a hundred peacocks dance.

“I made you and all of this mankind.
This land that you walk, the wine you drink, the air you breathe,
Is mine. Yet you forget me; your soul? How foolish. How unkind!
You destroy, defile me? I am Nature. Your mother divine!”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

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Of Art and Wine

Since times immemorial, humans have treasured the joys of Art and Wine. Here is a poem commemorating this sublime relationship between Art and Wine:


Of Art & Wine

A swirl, a sniff, a sip. Lipstick stains on the wine glass,

Knees weakening, cheeks reddening, blood stained lips of the young lass,

Crimson sparkles exploding in the carafe, pouring into my glass; an exhilarating dance,

Greek gods, wine lords, Dionysus and Bacchus, like us, trapped in this hypnotic trance.

Sipping flirtatious innuendos, drowning inebriated crescendos,

Golden sun trapped inside this wine glass where luminescence and splendor conspire,

Literature and wine make great bed side companions one sets the other on fire,

Drunken stupor? Far from it, its creative moksha; brilliant and grandiose.

Classical or contemporary; art is art,

Writ by hands of time, evoking emotions cut out of bleeding heart,

Art is the aphrodisiac of life; resplendent, sacred and sublime,

Just as this dazzling drink of the Gods enthralls; the soul, imagination and mind.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Juxtaposition

ALL NEHA 50809 001

This is my favorite picture. I am infatuated with the setting sun. Note to self: “Be like the sun that never loses its glory even after it’s gone”. The brilliant colors of the sky and the dark clouds with the backdrop of the black palms have painted a sight that would put Michelangelo to shame.

ALL NEHA 50809 088

Here, the different shades of green are juxtaposed beautifully against each other. I love this blue river snaking through the green valley cutting the vast expanse of foliage on both sides.

ALL NEHA 50809 110

Nature has painted a perfect contrast of the calm blue waters, against the large expanse of brown mountains covered in a green carpet. The mountain is studded with cliffs that look like fingers pointing at the sky. A shimmering strip of white sand cuts the mountains on the left and water on the right.

If only I were a dolphin, I would swim in this haven of peace for ever.