The Witch


I am sharing one of my own favorite poems. The world can be a difficult place for even the mighty, but sometimes women get the worst of it, as they are the least understood. This poem is about a little girl who loses her father in her early childhood and grows up to love nature and mother earth. Because she is so different from people and she has magical healing powers, people grow to fear her. Even the kindly magistrate is unable to help her for fear of being ostracized and orders her to be burned alive. But when humans commit an act so unfair then mother nature herself rises for revenge.

U Be Cute

History is testimony to the atrocities that have been meted out unjustly to the poor and weak in society. Women have unfortunately gotten the worst of the deal. While it is important to look forward and be proud of the accomplishment women have achieved thus far, it is equally important to look back and pay heed to history. For history repeats itself. Unfortunately, women have been burnt under the guise of religion, ritual and faith around the world in distant and recent past.

This poem is written in 3 parts and is loosely based on the Witch trials that took place in colonial Massachusetts between February 1692 and 1693, famously known as the Salem Witch trials. I decided to add Prequel and a Sequel to my exisiting poem called “The Witch”, since I thought it was imperative to end my poem on a positive note and show, that no matter how monstrous an…

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