Limerick a day keeps the Doctor away

Limerick a day keeps the Doctor away, how about four?

i. Clickety clock
Someone’s at the door; knock, knock
Who’s there?
Lovely Ms Montclair
He opened the door, suited booted and missing a sock

ii. There once was an old Man
Descendant of a royal clan
Poor as a pauper
Wise as a priest
Lived in a mini van and ate out of a tin can

iii. There was a young man named Moe
Bought a house and grew a Mustachio
In order to woo his lady love,
She flew away; a rich man’s dove
Now he waits for his bungalow to pass escrow

iv. Hocus Pocus
Lovely red lotus
Flower of the Wild
Face of a child
Sacred offering in temples and pagodas

Picture 117