Happy Mother-ly Day!

Getty & More 003“My mother… she is beautiful, softened at the edges and tempered with a spine of steel. I want to grow old and be like her.” ― By Jodi Picoult

Mother’s day is perhaps the most important day of the year, as it celebrates and honors the one person without whom life as we know it would be impossible. While the other holidays celebrate God, Country and traditions, this is the one day that celebrates a person’s very existence and origin; one’s Mother!

While both Mother and Father selflessly spend a lifetime providing their offspring the best in terms of time, guidance, resources, and most importantly love, this is the one day that gives the offspring an overt opportunity to thank the people who made everything possible. So allow me to take this opportunity to offer my heartiest thanks to my mom and dad, “Thank you Mom and Dad, we are so blessed to have you in our lives.”

Over the years, my relationship with my mom, metamorphosed from a mother and daughter into that of a friend, mentor, confidante and buddy. Needless to say like everybody else in the world, I too have the highest regard for my mother. I cannot even imagine a day without her selfless love, wisdom and inspiration that has always prodded me to work hard and do my best no matter how difficult times got for me.

But the one aspect that I truly respect above all, about my mother is the fact, that while she wishes me and my sister all the joy and happiness in the world, she truly wishes the same for everyone else she meets. I always found my mother to be this ocean of love that’s brimming to the top with kindness and affection for everyone. Since my childhood, I remember whenever my friends visited my home they were bowled by how sweet and caring my mother was. It’s a humanly need to see one’s offspring’s do well, but to rise above that need and wish the same for everyone is truly divine. Which is why I feel, that Mother’s day is not just about celebrating a Mother, but it is about celebrating the “Mother-ly” in everyone.

It is about celebrating all kind and loving people in our lives who have been a source of love and inspiration like a true Mother figure. It is also about thanking Fathers, older siblings, relatives, coaches, teachers and any other “Motherly” figures who in some way have nurtured us. Such is the “Mother-ly” that I wish to honor today, when I wish my mom and dad and everyone who reads this post, “A very Happy Mother-ly Day.”