It’s way past midnight,
All decent men safe in their homes,
The hour is rife for drunken brawls and fistfights,
In the alleyways only trouble and evil roam.

I walk the cobbled roads, tired but conceited,
No goal in mind; lost and sleepless,
My brazen knife in my breast pocket, still unsheathed,
I wander the dark, alone and heedless.

When my startled ears, pick a voice so sweet,
More alluring than a nightingale song,
My legs comply, while my brain warns of wile deceit,
Is this a calypso, or a hapless maiden lovelorn?

The ghetto streets I walk, tunnel magically into a Babylonian garden,
She turns around more beautiful than life, this ethereal maiden,
And gently lets her black hair down, off fly a thousand raven,
Carved with perfection, looking at her is divine, it’s salvation!

Who are you? What magic, what witchery? Pray tell me?
She opens her mouth to speak, I am entranced,
Her lips are blossoms, and her eyes a shimmering blue sea,
“I am sun, moon and stars.” And around her a hundred peacocks dance.

“I made you and all of this mankind.
This land that you walk, the wine you drink, the air you breathe,
Is mine. Yet you forget me; your soul? How foolish. How unkind!
You destroy, defile me? I am Nature. Your mother divine!”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

P.S- All original work on this blog is copyrighted to Ubecute.

19 thoughts on “Nature

  1. Awesome poem. I’ve been going on late night walks past midnight occasionally the past couple weeks around the town I live in, hoping someone will start something with me kinda like it sounds like the character in your story is itching for a fight. Apparently someone went missing in my town awhile ago, and last night there was an attempted abduction of someone who fit the description of the girl who went missing. The times I’ve gone out I’ve seen people who look scary, but no one’s messed with me, possibly because I look scary at night too. I’m kinda hoping that in the dark my long hair will be seen, and my beard won’t, and the person who has been messing with women around here will get to meet some paramedics after meeting me… lol

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