Welcome to ubecute.com

Welcome to my blog, UBeCute. The general theme of this blog in essence is the “Pursuit of happiness”. Happiness is a very personal concept since it means different things to different people.

To me it’s all about enjoying and cherishing the beauty of life, places and people around me.  It’s also about keeping my mind busy and body healthy, as they are our vehicles to happiness and realizing our true calling.

About a year ago I managed to gain about 15 pounds, thanks to eating out, not exercising enough, and carrying unnecessary stress. I was convinced I had to lose weight, but I wanted to do it by eating a healthy and balanced diet rather than crash dieting.  In my quest to lose weight I started reading books on raw and vegan diets and the importance of fruits and vegetables on human body. The more I read and incorporated a healthy lifestyle into my life the more my body changed for the better.  The result was slow; yet emphatic.

I am not against enjoying a crisp glass of chardonnay or eating a burger once in a while, but I make a conscious and determined effort, to pursue options that are wholesome and unprocessed. Join me in my quest for happiness.

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