City of Angels

City of Angels

Here lies my city built on dreams and hopes,
Look at these massive highways and roads,
Muscle of men against nature juxtaposed,
Studded along the aquamarine coast; rich abodes.

This is the city of angels, the city of stars,
Glitz and glamour, high rise and malls,
Connected by arteries of sweat and blood,
Birthed by humans not demigods or Avatars.

Some say it is not what it used to be,
Traffic jams, crimes and rising debt,
Opulent, mercurial and bourgeoisie,
Who cares? Bigger cities fade against its silhouette.

Here stretches our city, built with love and flair,
Heavenly abode to its millions,
Where nature and industry combine; a wondrous affair,
Here dreams come true for this is the City of Angels.

Inspired by Daily Prompt

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