Carlsbad - Flower fields 044Carlsbad - Flower fields 042aCarlsbad - Flower fields 024Carlsbad - Flower fields 009Carlsbad - Flower fields 017Spring

For years have I have been jailed,
Inside these walls of decorum & propriety,
Like an obedient wife,
Caught in the duality of desires & duties
Until the transgressing thoughts flew through,
The keyhole of these iron gates,
Breaking the darkness with their brilliant colors of the rainbow,
I jumped on the backs of one of these thoughts,
And flew out of my captivity,
Disrobing my cocoon like a butterfly,
Flying out into the eternal Spring of Creativity.

Weekly Photo challenge

Carlsbad - Flower fields 030aWeekly Photos: Orangeย 

31 thoughts on “Spring

    1. Thank you. And yes it is, but to be perfectly sure every place has its ups and downs. We have plenty of both as well. Thanks for your comment.

  1. Those pictures where quite something, quite something beautiful. And the poem, as always is great. This one very captivating, breaking out and into that wilderness, just fit poem-pictures and at least it didnยดt have anything do do about death like the first one although it was beautiful a tragic love story. Cute, like u cute.

    1. LOL! Thank you so much. I do like the Spring pictures, in all honesty it was a beautiful place. The Spring is about creative awakening. I do agree poems about death are needlessly depressing, but I wanted to show longing that outlives death.

      So kind of you to stop by and bother reading.

  2. Dear Neha, Good to hear from you and see your writing and pictures again. Where are your writing from/photographing of? Keep pursuing your transgressing thoughts! Best, Wm., Montaigbakhtinian

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