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For years have I have been jailed,
Inside these walls of decorum & propriety,
Like an obedient wife,
Caught in the duality of desires & duties
Until the transgressing thoughts flew through,
The keyhole of these iron gates,
Breaking the darkness with their brilliant colors of the rainbow,
I jumped on the backs of one of these thoughts,
And flew out of my captivity,
Disrobing my cocoon like a butterfly,
Flying out into the eternal Spring of Creativity.

Weekly Photo challenge

Carlsbad - Flower fields 030aWeekly Photos: Orange 

A Specious Blossom

Specious Blossom 2 Specious Blossom 3

Who will understand abandonment better than these specious blossoms that thrust out from the hardness of mother earth, only to enjoy life for a day or two? It’s unfortunate that most of the passers-by will pass by, without ever stopping to glance at their fleeting beauty.

We all swoon over the beauty of the roses and the tulips, but here’s to celebrating the Specious!

Inspired by weekly photo challenge post