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7 o’ clock, Good Morning!

Get ready for the crazy day ahead but first,

Coffee with extra sugar, “let’s start blogging”,

Dash out to work, “hello”, some warm, some curt.

12o’ clock, good afternoon,

Run to the gym for lunch, get much needed exercise

My imagination runs dry, I need monsoon,

By 2Pm I have had a review, my accomplishments trivialized

Its 6o’ clock, I am still at work

Emails to answer, Reports to churn,

Outside smog is thickening dusk,

Humdrum day gathers dust.

‘Tis 8’ o clock, aah my feet hurt

Switch on the tube to drown the day, scour the fridge for victuals

Submerge in couch, no more energy to exert,

Another day, year, life; same ole same: a Trivial Ritual.

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