We find ourselves on the threshold of life changing moments, at least a few times in our lives. Thresholds may be subtle or more pronounced “aha” moments when we experience life with the full realization that life as we knew it has changed irrevocably, and that we have stepped into the realms of “no return”. We all experience these moments during the natural transition of life; moving from infancy into adolescence, and then again into adulthood, and so forth. There are other moments when we experience a sudden loss or a deeper life altering experience that changes the direction of our lives forever.

Life’s major thresholds such as: graduation, marriage, birth, divorce, death etc bring feelings of anticipation, anxiety, trepidation, joy, anger or loss. But then there are thresholds that are so obscure and possibly unrelated; we do not even know we crossed them until much later. These could be Historic moments that are out of our control, and change our world for the better or worse. Examples include; landing of man at moon, Reunification of Germany, Assassination of JFK, bombing of the World Trade Center and so forth. We may as well have been a part of these momentous times as they happened, but the full effect of such incidents is truly understood only in hindsight.

Although change is a continuous process, thresholds are distinct points in our lives that open a floodgate of change, awareness and awakening. Because the only thing constant in life is change, it behooves us to look at change in a positive light and with the stoic acceptance that everything happens for the best. Each change no matter how uncomfortable, opens in itself a pandora’s box of opportunity, learning and wisdom. Inpired by Weekly photo challenge

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